The Independent Living Foundation encourages, promotes and financially supports programs that assist persons with disabilities in living independently. Additionally, the Independent Living Foundation provides educational community resources to empower awareness on initiatives of Centers for Independent Living.

Moreover, The Independent Living Foundation is committed to empower Centers for Independnet in the provision of opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve their fullest level of independence.

What is a Center for Independent Living

The first Center for Independent Living was founded in Berkley, California as part of the Independent Living Movement of the 1960s.

Centers for Independent Living (CILs) are community-based, cross-disability, non-profit organiaztions that are designed and operated by people with disabilities. CILs are unique in that they operate according to a strict philosophy of consumer control, wherein people with all types of disabilities directly govern and staff the organization. (National Council on Independent Living, 2014)

There are over 400 Centers for Independent Living nationwide. Each CIL provides the four core services of Advocacy, Independent Living Skills Training, Information and Referral and Peer Support.

Why Centers for Independent Living are Successful

Individuals receiving services from Centers for Independent Living (CILs) set their own goals. In turn, CILs provide the resources, programs and support so each individual can achieve their highest level of independence. Goals vary for each individual from education, employment, mobility and more. This structure of service, with individuals’ self-determined goals as the foundation, has proven success.

In 2014, Centers for Independent Living in the State of Florida empowered 20,442 people with disabilities.

Those individuals served by Florida Centers for Independent Living set 27,592 goals for independence. An amazing 17,576 goals were achieved, while 8,818 were still in progress.

To achieve these goals, 17 Centers for Independent Living (with a total of 252 staff members) provided 69,960 services to people with disabilities. Services include advocacy, counseling, mobility training and more.


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