The Independent Living Movement

The Independent Living Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity. The Foundation was chartered in 2001 to promote and support the Center for Independent Living serving Northeast Florida. As the Foundation grew, so did the understanding that Centers for Independent Living needed a national voice to empower awareness, drive volunteerism and stimulate philanthropic giving.

In 2014, the Independent Living Foundation broadened its mission to promote and support the goals, objectives, and purposes of all Centers for Independent Living.

Like Centers for Independent Living, the Independent Living Foundation is driven by the Independent Living Philosophy to empower self-determination, self-empowerment and equal opportunity for persons with disabilities.

Each Board Member of the Independent Living Foundation has pledged to use the Independent Living Philosophy as their guidepost. Their generosity of time, resource and skill have set the path for success so that all Centers for Independent Living are able to effectively serve people with disabilities.

Board of Directors

Celia Weeks
Susan DeLong
Cindy Phister
Kendall Barsin
Dr. Kristine Webb
Tim Horkan

Advisory Council

Elizabeth Meyer
Tyler Morris


How the Movement Began

The Independent Living Movement began in the 1960s and has spread worldwide. The IL Movement is founded on the understanding that people with disabilities are the best to determine their own destinies. Thus, three pillars exist within the IL Movement: self-determination, self-respect, and equal opportunity.

“Independent Living does not mean that we want to do everything by ourselves, do not need anybody or like to live in isolation. Independent Living means that we demand the same choices and control in our every-day lives that our non-disabled brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends take for granted. We want to grow up in our families, go to the neighborhood school, use the same bus as our neighbors, work in jobs that are in line with our education and interests, and raise families of our own. We are profoundly ordinary people sharing the same need to feel included, recognized and loved.” (Dr. Adolf Rotzka, 2005)

The IL Movement is alive and we are all a part of its story. Join the IL Movement.

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